Management Team
Berikut ini adalah Jajaran Komisaris dan Direksi OMNI Hospitals Group:
  • Budi Hadidjadja
    Budi Hadidjadja | President Commissioner | 30 Years of Experience

    Bss – Cornell College, USA in 1985 President Director of PT Tridharma Guna Mandiri (2006-2014) and PT Keramika Indonesia Assosiasi Tbk (1994-2006)

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    Budi Hadidjaja has held the position of President Director of the Company since May 2014. He is concurrently the President Director  of  PT  Sarana  Meditama  International,  PT  Sarana Meditama Nusantara and PT Sarana Meditama Anugerah. Prior to joining the Company, he had assumed several key positions including  President  Director  at  PT  Tridharma  Guna  Mandiri (2008-2014),  President  Director  at  PT  Keramika  Indonesia Asosiasi (1994-2006), Director of Corporate Banking at American Express Bank Ltd. (1990-1994) and as Corporate Account Officer at Bank of Tokyo (1988-1990). He began his career in 1985 as an auditor at Lippo Audit Division.

  • Kwong Pei Meng
    Kwong Pei Meng | Non Affiliated Director | 24 Years of Experience

    Mr. Kwong obtained his Bachelor Degree in Business (Accountancy) from RMIT University, Melbourne (1993) and his Master in Management from the Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines (2000).

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    Kwong Pei Meng serves as Non Affiliated Director since April 2017.  He began his career with one of the Big 4 audit firms in Kuala Lumpur and has over 22 years of post qualification experience across various sectors including Commercial Property, Direct Investments, Manufacturing, Internet and Forestry/Plantation. He has been gainfully employed in MNCs as well as private and public listed companies in Indonesia, China, Singapore and Malaysia covering most Asian countries.

  • Drs. Herbudianto
    Drs. Herbudianto | Independent Commissioner | 32 Years of Experience

    Several Senior Positions of Bapepam LK, Ministry of Finance of Republic Indonesia, with the latest position as Head of Assessment Bureau for Non Finance Companies

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    Prior to joining the Company, Herbudianto was Head of Non Financial Corporate Assessment of the Corporate Finance for Sevices Industry Bureau, Bapepam LK, the Ministry of Finance of the  Republic  of  Indonesia(2006-September2012)  and previously held several key positions at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia (2002-2006), giving him a strong career which he began in 1991.

    Mr. Herbudianto obtained his Bachelor degree as the Accounting Study Program from University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta in 1984.

  • Brigjen (Purn) Dr. dr. Supriyantoro, Sp.P, MARS
    Brigjen (Purn) Dr. dr. Supriyantoro, Sp.P, MARS | Independent Commissioner | 37 Years experience

    Dr. Supriyantoro earned his Medical degree from University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta in 1979, and pursued his higher education at the University of Indonesia, majoring in Pulmonology Specialties

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    Prior to joining the Company, Dr. Supriyantoro has served in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia as the Secretary-General (2012-2014) and Director General of Health Services (2010-2012). He also occupied the position as President Director of Gatot Soebroto Goverment Army Hospital and Medical Director of the Indonesian Army (2008-2010).

  • Sankaranarayanan Shrikanth
    Sankaranarayanan Shrikanth | President Director | 31 Years of Experience

    Mr. Shrikanth obtained his Bachelors Degree majoring in Finance and Accounting from the University of Mumbai (1986) and is a qualified Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered

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    Sankaranarayanan Shrikanth serves as the President Director of the Company since April 2017. He has over 26 years of specialist experience, with multi-sector exposure in Private Equity, Resources, Financial Services and Industrial Sectors in Indonesia and India.

    Mr. Shrikanth has held various senior management roles in PT Prospek Duta Sukses, PT Mitratama Perkasa, Ludlow Capital Group and the Polysindo Group.

  • Hassan Themas
    Hassan Themas | Vice President Director | 26 Years of Experience

    Director of PT Keramika Indonesia Asosiasi Tbk (2008-2011) and Country CFO of Philips Foods Asia Inc (2003-2007) On the Board since 2012

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    Hassan Themas served for Company’s Director since 2012. He began his career in 1989 as an auditor at the Public Accounting Firm Drs Johan Malonda & Partners and later at the Public Accounting  Firm  SGV  Utomo  during  (1990-1995).  Prior  to joining the Company, Mr Themas had served as Director at a number of national and foreign companies.

    Mr. Themas studied Accounting at University of Tarumanagara (1985-1989).

  • Dr. Maria Theresia Yulita, MARS
    Dr. Maria Theresia Yulita, MARS | Director | 22 Years of Experience

    dr. Yulita earned her Medical degree from University of Tarumanagara in 1993 and was enrolled in the Medical Education Profession at University of Airlangga, Surabaya in 2009 and continued

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    dr. Maria Theresia Yulita has served as the Company’s Director since October 2012 and as Director of PT Sarana Meditama International (2011-present), previously as Director of PT Cipta Publika Utama (November 2002-April 2009), as Physician at Public Health Center in Kedaung Barat, Tangerang (1998-2001), as clinic doctor at the Aston Atrium Hotel (1994-1996) and as Medical Support Manager  at RS Mitra Kemayoran, Jakarta (1997-1998).

  • Surina
    Surina | Director | 14 Years of Experience

    Ms. Surina obtained her Master degree majoring FinancialManagement from the University of Tarumanagara in 2004 andhas completed her Bachelor degree in Economics 2001.

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    Surina started her career as Corporate Finance Consultant in various multinational  Consulting Firms  such as PT  Moores Rowland Indonesia and PT Grant Thornton Restructuring with the last position as Assistant Manager of Corporate Finance and  has  joined  PT  Mitra  Komunikasi  Nusantara  as  Vice President of Finance, Accounting & Tax.

    Initially she joined PT Sarana Meditama International in 2008 as Department Head of Accounting & Tax and then assigned as Executive Advisor to CEO & Corporate Secretary, then as Group Financial Controller and now serves as Director.



  • Benjamin Winoto
    Benjamin Winoto | Non Affiliated Director | 20 Years of Experience

    Benjamin Winoto serves as Non Affiliated Director since May 9, 2018. He has over 20 years of experience in Marketing, Trade Marketing and Sales Management in various

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    Mr. Winoto has held various senior management roles in several Companies; Tempo Scan Pasific Group (2009-2014) and Martha Tilaar Group (2014-2017). Mr. Winoto obtained his Master degree from the University of Prasetiya Mulia Bussiness School in 1996 and has completed his Bachelor degree of Economics from the University of Atma Jaya in 1994.

    Benjamin Winoto menjabat sebagai Direktur Tidak Terafiliasi sejak 9 Mei 2018. Beliau memiliki berbagai pengalaman lebih dari 20 tahun dalam bidang Marketing, Trade Marketing dan Sales Management di berbagai perusahaan. Beliau telah menempati berbagai posisi senior manajemen di beberapa Perusahaan antara lain; Grup Tempo Scan Pasific (2009-2014) dan Grup Martha Tilaar (2014–2017).

    Beliau mendapatkan gelar Magister Manajemen dari Prasetiya Mulia Bussiness School Jakarta pada tahun 1996 dan menyelesaikan pendidikan Sarjana Ekonomi dari Universitas Atma Jaya pada tahun 1994.